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Kate Brundrett

Sheep Word Games



This project has altered slightly and will now take place in the warmth and comfort of Greystones Coffee House rather than boggy water-logged fields!
Thoughts from the residents of Patterdale and Glenridding have been gathered, responding to the place they live. Children at Patterdale Primary School have produced words, poems and drawings during workshops.
These words were initially to be written onto real sheep, which would then be skilfully herded to form sentences. Instead we have a flock of 8 nearly-real sheep who have offered their services to parade the sentences at Greystones whilst onlookers are invited to add to the flock with their own responses, play sheep word games, and herd their own sentences.
An exhibition of the children's drawings and words will be held at Greystones Coffee House and Gallery on Wednesday 6th October. On Thursday 7th October from 2pm there will be an afternoon of sheep word games as well as extremely good coffee and cakes to keep out the cold and rain.



Greystones Coffee House and gallery, Glenridding, Ullswater


6th October - Greystones Gallery
7th October - Sheep word games.

An exhibition of children's drawings and stories from workshops at Patterdale Primary School will be held at Greystones Coffee House and Gallery on Wednesday 6th for one day only.  

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Greystones Coffee house and Gallery