FRED - it's an art invasion  

Lee Cavaliere




In this project, the everyday sounds of a town will be played through speakers in remote locations, and so the Noise will be abstracted; its familiar social anchors won’t be present. 

Likewise, I will locate sounds of rural areas in the towns of Carlisle, Kendal and Barrow-in-Furness. Recordings of cattle, wind in trees, waterfalls and so on will be placed hidden in towns.



Rural: OS map ref: 294278, near the metting of Sinene Gill and Glenderaterra Beck, South East of Skiddaw, near Keswick.


Carlisle - 10th October:
Bus stops by the citadel. 12pm
Cafe Sol, opposite Cathedral. 12.30pm
Car Park, The Lanes 1pm
Train Station 1.30pm
Bandstand, town centre, 2pm
Phone Boxes around town, 3pm-4pm

Windermere - Wednesday 6th:
Train Station 12pm
Waterfront (pier) 1pm
Phone boxes around town 2pm
Bus Stops Around Town 3pm



Rural: 7th & 8th October; 12pm - 4pm

Urban: 1st - 10th October


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