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Julian Claxton

Coniston UFO (re-enactment)



Ulverston schoolboy Stephen Darbishire got more than he bargained for when he took his dad’s new camera on a walk up Coniston Old Man on a cloudy February morning in 1954.

Startled by “something odd in the sky”, Stephen maintained his composure and was able to take a couple of photos  - before the film ran out - of a ”glistening silvery milky” object that shone like “sunlight on aluminium”.

This is one of his photos – the first ever of a “British” UFO.

Julian Claxton will attempt to re-enact this incident using period equipment after taking advice from local people on the best way to recreate the scene.

Julian Claxton is currently artist-in-residence with the Psychic Research Foundation.


UFO over Coniston

S. Darbyshire as a boy


Southern slopes of Coniston Old Man (From Little Arrow Farm take the river valley footpath up to Little Arrow Moor)


9th October 12 - 2pm


Supported by:

The Psychic Research Foundation


phychic research foundation