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An evening of Experimental Sound and Video performance in the upstairs bar at MINT in Kendal. Organised by felt with support from Folly this evening will showcase Cumbrian artists – everything from extreme Djing to live video and electronics together with local soundscapes and the odd surprise. A bit like a Chillout Room but with sharp edges!

This evening also marks the launch of felt (an artist-led voluntary organisation dedicated to the development, production and dissemination of New Media and Sonic Arts in the region. Based in Kendal) and we hope to make it a regular monthly event.




Mint bar, Strammongate, Kendal


4th October; 8 - 11pm

A bit of a walk


A one day forum on new media in the rural landscape undertaken as a walk with invited participants. Organised by felt with support from Folly this day-long event will bring together artists, curators and theorists to consider issues surrounding New Media Art in a rural context. What are the challenges and possibilities of working with new media in Cumbria? How do you keep your computer dry? Material and ideas will be collected using most forms of recording, including GPS, and made available on the web, as well as being used during the felt night at MINT

requires booking - contact us for details


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