Fleur de Sel

Venice • 5th June - 30th August 2009

An Installation by Steve Messam & Hannah Stewart

A dual site-specific installation for Venice and Cumbria launched to coincide with the 53rd Venice Biennale. Over a distance of 3 1/2 miles a series of forms made from lace parasols explore the multi-layered relationships between Venice and the Lake District through cultural tourism, Ruskin, lace and mineral extraction. A new publication will be launched on the 4th June featuring articles by Keith Hanley, Catherine Spooner and Hannah Stewart with a foreword by Howard Hull, Director of Brantwood.


Lighthouse Lullaby - by Ailis Ni Riain

Lighthouse Lullaby

29th - 31st January 2009

Ailis Ni Riain

Commissioned as part of a season of site-specific works across Cumbria, composer Ailis Ni Riain has composed an electro-acoustic piece for the old Lighthouse on Maryport Harbour. For a few days only, the very fabric of this 200 year old cast iron building will accompany the music inspired by this wild and unpredictable location.

more details ...

Lighthouse Lullaby on the Today programme on BBC radio 4...

Fold at SCOPE London

16th - 19th October 2008

Fold brought a taster of contemporary rural art to the heart of London for the art fair season. We were invited to show at this year's SCOPE art fair at Lord's Cricket Ground (a short walk from Frieze) so expect some pulling out of the stops and something so not London..

stand 121 SCOPE art fair


landscape for FRED by Sally Barker

FRED - get out there

26th September - 12th October 2008

an art invasion across Cumbria

Our annual art invasion kicked off for the 5th and final time. This year's theme was 'Get Out There' with projects located in some of the most beautiful locations in the county and beyond, but you had to explore new places to find them...

visit the FRED website...

Jet Set Trash - by Vincent James

Jet Set Trash

30th September - 12th October 2008

Vincent James

Continuing our programme of video-works in the window of the gallery, Vincent James presents a new annimation based on the background imagery of classic cartoons. Explosions, tin cans, half eaten apples and other detritus from the world of roadrunner are trapped in an endless annimated loop.

see more info on FRED website...

foldgallery plan


May - August 2008

Hannah Stewart, Kat Östlundh, Su Grierson, Lauren Healey, Doireann Ni Ghrioghair

The gallery space at Foldgallery was been programmed by four artists from England, Scotland and Ireland and Sweden for a series of new exhibitions. Each has responded to the challenge of our four-metre cube and rural location in ways we wouldn't normally programme ourselves.

Full details...


Jump Start!

26th April 2008
The Kings Arms Hotel, Kirkby Stephen

from 11am

The countdown has begun. The Kirkby Stephen Extreme Sports Association is launching the 12 month countdown to the removal of the first sod of earth in the build of this landmark community sculpture.
Throughout the day there will be Parcour demonstrations and workshops, street entertainment, a mobile skatepark, 'Exploreable Sculpture' merchandise, craft stalls and limited edition art-cakes. In the evening there is live music from the Northern Reggae Generator, and local musicians Paddy and Jack. Tickets £5 on the door from 7pm.

In the Window 2008

In the Window...

January - March 2008

Sally Barker, Lee Cavaliere, Steve Messam, Irene Sanderson, Paul D Stevens, Patricia Townsend, Rupert White

It's way too cold in the gallery over the dark winter months. As a solution, In the Window... does just that. For three months there will be a changing programme of contemporary rural work in our 1m wide window. From 2D work and installations, to moving image and interactive pieces.

Full programme details...



1st December 2007
11am - 4pm

Our annual selling show of multiples returns this year for one day only! This year's show will be on a market stall in the Market Square in Kirkby Stephen, so you won't be able to miss us. There will be everything fro the unusual stocking-filler to tummy-filler and all original works of art.

Red Bales - Landlines 2007


As part of the DOTT07 project in the North East of England, Fold is organising a major landscape intervention beside the East Coast Mainline. Six artists and designers will work with local farmers as part of a 10-day sustainable tourism design camp. Expressions of interest are welcome from artists and designers from any part of the world.

more details...

FRED by Gordon Robin Brown

FRED 2007

28th September - 14th October 2007

Eighteen thousand sandcastles on St Bees beach, models of iconic buildings made from sheep droppings and twigs, and a light installation under Coniston Water were all part of this year’s FRED. From Sept 28-Oct 14 Cumbria hosted Europe's biggest outdoor art show, turning its forests, paths, lakes, mountains and coast into a giant al fresco gallery. This year we had the best part of 80 artists and 43 projects in 50+ locations across the length and breadth of England’s largest and most rural county.

more details...

personal expressions by REAP

Personal Expressions

16th June - 1st September 2007

The Personal Expressions project, run by the Rural Education and Arts Project (REAP), gave Young Farmers in Derbyshire a unique opportunity to use photography to reflect the hardships and joys of rural life. The exhibition is a social documentary about the issues faced by young people in rural communities.

Art Strike @ Art 07

Art Strike!

8th June 2007 - Kendal

Feel marginalised by the art world? Isolated and alone? Speak up at the Art Strike at Art '07. Art Strike gave a voice to artists during an innovative and enjoyable intervention at Art '07 in Kendal. Artists from across the UK (and beyond) were invited to this placard-waving gathering. There were badges for everyone who took part, and the lucky few got to wear the t-shirt.

more info..

Extreme KungFu Positionist Lee Cavaliere


21st April 2007

A day of Gravity-sports related activities hit the town on the 21st April for Gravity! 2. Featured were Parkour demonstrations, mountain boarding, performances by Euphoric Circus and Extreme Kung Fu Positioning workshops.

Frost Fair - Kirkby Stephen - 2nd December 2006

Festive Frolics

Frost Fair in Kirkby Stephen
2nd December 2006

As part of our commitment to our community, Fold has instigated last year's Frost Fair. A mixture of good old fashioned tradition mixed with a little Fold pizzazz. Highlights last year included a winter palace for Santa in the woods and a magical tour to get there. Evening gifts included a very special concert of Traditional and Medieval music by Abbie Lathe with a few friends.


FRED sheep by Adele Prince

FRED 2006
30th September - 15th October 2006

FRED, the annual art invasion across Cumbria, was back again this year. Over the past three years over 250 artists have taken part in what has become Europe's largest festival of site-specific art. We think FRED 2006 was the best yet.... roll on 2007!

visit for more details....

Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There - Tenniel / Dalziel(1871)


11th September - 15th October 2006

Dave Ball, Anne Gutt, Ruth Barry, Rachel Gomme, Adele Prince, Dædalus, Claire Brewster, Niki Russell.

8 invited artists from the length and breadth of the UK, engage in a series of 3 day mini residencies in the Foldgallery space, during which time each artist produces a work for a final exhibition/critique/open day on October 14th.

more ...

The Animals Went in Two by Two - by Helen Snell

The Animals Went in Two by Two

an installation by Helen Snell
4th August - 2nd September 2006

Over 1OO hand-cut cardboard cutout figures, ranging in size from a few inches to over 5 feet high fill the gallery space. Walking pork chops, bewildered dogs and giant dandelions create a three-dimensional illustration of ever revealing tableau. Exquisite monochrome drawings evoke a childhood’s innocence to the subject matter, an effect compounded with an Alice in Wonderland style surrealism...

see online exhibition..

Souvenir in Shanghai

Travelling East

an installation by Steve Messam

Fold has teamed up with Island6 to bring you a new work by Fold artist, Steve Messam, on location in Shanghai, China. Souvenir is a continuation of the Balls to Grasmere project, Cumbria 2005.

visit online gallery..

kinetic sculpture by Ivan Black

Ivan Black - Kinetic Sculptures
15th April - 13th May 2006

stunning geometric kinetic sculptures by this artist from rural South Wales. Deceptively simple in design, the steel and perspex structures transform into complex sine-wave formations with just the lightest touch. A truly magical experience..

visit online exhibition...


Street Dance
6th May 2006

As part of 'Dance Eden', fold brought urban street dance to the market square, Kirkby Stephen. Over a dozen local people joined experienced dancers and acrobats for this day of fun and action.
Free breakdance, body-popping and parcour workshops were available for ages 12 and over resulting in 2 public performances in the middle of the town.

Pics coming soon...

stick it!

Stick it where?
20th - 30th March 2006

Fold's first exhibition of the year is a show of sticker and stencil street art. Over 25 artists from Sao Paulo to Poland and beyond show their wares on the only bus stop in the rural market town of Kirkby Stephen...

visit the show online


26th November - 23rd December 2005

Samantha Allan, Helen Snell, Lesley Halliwell, Zara Picken, Jon Ford, Tanya Axford, Sally Barker, Emma Bolland, Glen Boulter, Sarah Doyle, John Hall, Erin Hensley, Este MacLeod, Brenda Oakes, Anne Redmond, Richeldis Messam, Christine Stringfellow, Steve Messam, Tinsel Edwards, Victoria Burgher, Breeyn McCarney, and Milly Frances

The ever-popular exhibition of artists' multiples. returned to Foldgallery last year, bigger, bolder and brasher than ever. 22 artists from across the UK, Europe and North America are featured in this selling exhibition of small, mass-produced work.

see exhibition..


Street Dance
6th May 2005

As part of 'Dance Eden', fold brought urban street dance to the market square, Kirkby Stephen. Over a dozen local people joined experienced dancers and acrobats for this day of fun and action.
Free breakdance, body-popping and parcour workshops were available for ages 12 and over resulting in 2 public performances in the middle of the town.

Pics coming soon...

FRED 2005 by Graham Rawle

FRED! it happened again...
1st - 16th October 2005

another art invasion across Cumbria

Over 80 artists created site-specific work in 72 locations across the length and breadth of Cumbria making FRED one of the biggest artist-led events in the UK.

New this year were artists talks and discussions from some of the world's leading environmental artists.

..See FRED website for full details

For Cumbria - by Jenny Holzer

Motorway Art Break

Jenny Holzer at the service station

Fold presented the latest work by American icon, Jenny Holzer. "For Cumbria" was a series of texts printed on the reverse of till reciepts at Tebay Services on the M6 and at Rheged Discovery Centre, Penrith. this work was commissioned as part of the FRED art invasion.


limited edition print by Barrie J Davies

Barrie J Davies Is An Artist

5th - 25th August 2005

The Title Says it all really. A look at new and nearly-new works by the Cardiff-based artist. Davies work centres on the premise, that he is an artist, and by default, everything he does or makes is therefore art.

view exhibition...

Kirkby Stephen Garden Trail

Flowers in the Gardens of Eden

Artist-in-Residency programme

As part of the 7th annual Kirkby Stephen Garden Trail, artist Sue Flowers worked with the gardeners in the town to create a new piece of work for the Garden Trail Weekend - 30th - 31st July 2005. 

watch this space for details..

Pui Lee aat Fold

Pui Lee in the window

Foundation student Pui Lee created this piece in the gallery window during refurbishment closure.

details to follow...

Balls to Grasmere

Balls to Grasmere
8th -18th March 2005

Artists against Poverty

"If you think artists are poor, look at the third world".That's the message we're putting out with our latest installation.
"Balls to Grasmere" is a Ronseal piece. It does what it says on the tin - big red balls on Grasmere. You can almost hear Wordsworth whirring in his grave...It's all for Comic Relief, so dig deep and give generously!

More news and images...

Give to Comic Relief. Here. Now !

Cumbria Tourist Board

snowflake image

Kirkby Stephen Winter Wonderland

Seasonal sensations

As part of the Kirkby Stephen Winter Wonderland day, Fold organised a number of events to put contemporary art into the annual shopping panic experience!

details and pictures...

  • Snowcase(s) - the annual multiples event just got compacted. See Hayvend details
  • Big projections - video and new-media experiments projected huge onto local landmark building as part of the illuminations. Artists Debby Akam and Tom Lloyd worked with 8 local new media artists to create a collaborative interactive display in a project developed by Folly.
  • String 'em up (by the bulbs)
    Festive Lights Competition

    They say it's tacky and really shouldn't be encouraged. We say "string 'em up!". A grotto in your garden or blackpool on your balcony - Home illuminations may not be everyone's idea of taste, but it's becoming one of the biggest collective displays of outsider art in the UK. To support this art-form in our corner of the world we offered prizes and rosettes for the most spectacular and original displays in the town of Kirkby Stephen. Free to enter, no entry forms to fill in, and extra points awarded for including sheep in the display.

    see the results...

Off the Wall

Off the Wall

By Andrew Bracey, Arabella Harvey, Carl Colley, Debby Akam & Gary Power, Lee Cavaliere, Niki Russell, Tobias Sternberg.

Off the Wall is a group show of artists who responded to the challenge of redefining ways that gallery walls function in presenting art. It features seven artists from across the country working in a variety of media and scale, from video projections to rolls of insulating tape. What unites the individual pieces is the variety of ways in which the work incorporates or references the wall but goes beyond just being on the wall.
There has long been a convention among contemporary art galleries to show work on pristine white walls and polished floors. These “White Cubes” can often appear intimidating to people not used to visiting art galleries, and can lead to the feeling that contemporary art is an exclusive club. As part of its programme to make contemporary art more accessible to rural communities, Fold is always looking for ways to make art appear more exciting to new visitors. In fact, Foldgallery has been proudly showing work on cream-coloured walls for the past 3 years in an effort to make the gallery space more homely and welcoming. “Off the Wall” is an exhibition that aims to show that galleries can be more than pictures on walls.


Arcane Specimens by Stephen Butler

Arcane Specimens

by Stephen Butler

Part 1 of the Plant Life series of exhibitions about gardens. Stephen Butler takes items found in the garden, on the beach, in the kitchen, or on the pavement, and grafts them together to create a beautifully strange collection of twisted, but familliar objects.


dancing Plants by Paul Masters

Dancing Plants

by Paul Masters

Paul takes the Ronseal approach to video art - it does exactly what it says on the tin - there's plants and they're dancing to disco classics. Shown in the gallery for one weekend only as part of the Plant Life series of exhibitions.

Paper Cut by Rob Ives

Paper Cut

by Rob Ives

Rob is best know for his range of easy to build cardboard mechanical toys, under the name of Flying Pig. Paper Cut sees Rob's first UK solo exhibition of prototypes and experiments together with large-scale versions of his most popular work.

Paper Cut also sees the launch of 'FarmArt' our major project for the next year. Watch this space for details soon.


Snowcase#3 (2003)

Paul Scott • Russell Mills • Maddi Nicholson • Conrad Atkinson • Jac Scott • Malcolm Mitton • Ian Walton

an exhibition of multiples and editions by the cream of Cumbria. A "wunderkammer" of the wierd and wonderful suspended from the ceiling in metal cages or nailed to the wall in wooden boxes. Proof, if it were needed, of the international calibre of contemporary art in Cumbria.


Snowcase#2 (2002)

by Steven Barrett, Kate Brundrett, Kate Calico, Lawrence Cassidy, Adam Clarke, Claire Fell, S.Mark Gubb, Susie MacMurray, Steve Messam, Kate Robinson & Christine Stringfellow

Artists have been using mass production techniques to create limited and unlimited editions of their work since the Chinese invented printing. In this collection of works the artists take on a range of everyday subjects, from consumerism to spirituality. Some are quirky, others damn-right silly, but all are exquisite in their own way.

menagerie by melanie wickham


by Melanie Wickham

welcome to a world of fun and silliness (we've been there for quite some time now). Living in the Welsh hills, Melanie is naturally inspired by the animals that surround her. With overtones of childhood innocence, and often with a little twist, these are images to make you smile.

sand sheep


with Kate Robinson
27th & 28th July 2002

Cumbria's newest public art installation . 3 1/2 tonnes of wet sand and over a dozen red sheep by the river Eden. Built with the help of local volunteers it celebrates the reopening of the countryside after last year's foot & mouth epidemic



more than just marks on a page to let you breathe when reading out loud, this interactive piece looks at ways that punctuation can define new meanings to text. It's a bit of a word puzzle with 'Looking-glass' logic.... confused? you will be....

crammed with crimson

crammed with crimson, stuffed with scarlet:

a feast of all things red and scrumptious by resident artist Richeldis. Crammed with Crimson.. Is a selection of new work comprising of painting, textiles and text combined to present a unique look at valentines day, and connotations with the colour red.

baa codes

Baa Codes:

To coincide with the Kirkby Stephen Charter Fair, this inaugural exhibition by Steve Messam contemplated the themes of sheep and shopping. A hands on exhibition, where visitors were encouraged to rummage through a sheep's shopping trolley!


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