DOTT 07 - designs of the times

Residential Camp - 12th to 21st July 2007

During 2007, a new biennial festival entitled Designs of the time (Dott) will take place in the North East region of the UK. Dott 07 - an initiative of the Design Council, in partnership each time with the regional development agency - One NorthEast in 2007 – involves real-world projects to improve practical aspects of daily life.

A key project in Dott 07 will be an international design camp in which teams of young designers from many countries, spanning multiple disciplines, will develop sustainable tourism ideas for (and with) specific North East locations and communities.

Red Ball in Weardale

In terms of one’s carbon footprint, one holiday in New Zealand is equivalent to 60 short visits to the North East. But sixty new holidays in Newcastle will not be sustainable if they require investment in heavy new infrastructure, and/or stimulate wasteful behaviours by the visitor.

So, what might tourism be sustainable in the North East be like? What should a Twenty-First Century B&B be like?

Together with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and Fold, Dott 07 is inviting young artists and designers from 30 countries to come to the region in July and work with local people to develop radical new forms of tourism. Projects will include a twenty-first century B&B, wi-fi youth hostels, agri-tourism, and extreme sport nature parks.

A key to ‘light’ tourism is the smart re-use of existing structures and spaces. So another project will set out to reveal and re-purpose hidden buildings and spaces as the location for ‘urban camping’.

red bales

Landlines takes on the notion of 'passive tourism'. Can travelers on the railway between Newcastle and Edinburgh gain a tourism experience? More people travel on the East Coast Mainline through Northumberland than visit it conventionally.

Landlines will work with local farmers and landowners to work subtle changes in their agricultural practice to affect the view from the train. There will be nothing added in the way of sculptures or other artifacts than those derived from farming practice.

This could be as simple as muck-spreading in a spiral, to the stacking of hay bales in patterns. Think crop circles without the destruction.

urban camping by egzyzt
Other projects in the designcamp include designing windfarms that have a positive impact on the landscape and tourism, exploring the industrial heritage of the North Pennines and the birthplace of modern railways, and transforming empty buildings in Newcastle and Gateshead for temporary 'urban campsites'.
hay stack for landlines

Teams of between six and eight artists and designers will work in each of six locations across the North East of England. Each design team will be asked to investigate how sustainable tourism might be developed and implemented as a sustainable enterprise in a real place.

Working with local partners, your tasks will be to document what kinds of value reside in that locality;

  • Describe how a visitor might experience this value in new ways
  • Create an opportunity map of places, or services, to be designed
  • Create artifacts and/or storyboard of a proposed new service or situation
  • Describe the business or enterprise model that would make your proposal sustainable.

Throughout the 10-day camp, the teams will work with local coordinators and the local community to develop ground-up approaches to the design challenges.

An exciting programme of world-class domain experts will act as mentors to the teams through a series of day and evening sessions.

The results of the Design Camp will be piloted as temporary real-life experimental projects as part of the Dott 07 Festival in October 2007.

To take part in Landlines, please contact us with your details, explaining how working on the project will further your professional practice.

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